Training provision

Optimal Living also provides specialist training for individuals and organisations as a separate business stream.

The unique background of the Registered Provider of Optimal Living (Pharmacist as well as Care Provider) has allowed a series of training courses to be developed with both Health and Social Care in mind. The courses can be tailored to the client's needs and consequently the duration of each course can be varied. Furthermore, the courses can be directed towards carers from specific backgrounds, e.g. residential, domiciliary, supported living and day care as well as children's services.

Courses are currently being provided to Local Authorities, corporates and charitable organisations.

Optimal Living currently provides training in the following areas. However, any health-related training can be arranged.

Control and Administration of Medication

This course covers legislation, responsibilities of the team members, types of medication, routes of drug delivery, safe administration processes, storage and disposal.

Control and Administration of medication (refresher)

This course discusses the latest news relating to medication as well as reiterating the safe administration process.

Epilepsy Awareness

This course covers the causes of Epilepsy, how it manifests itself, seizure symptoms, what to do if someone has a seizure and how the incident should be documented.

Seizures and their Control by Medication

This is a specific course demonstrating the way in which buccal midazolam and rectal diazepam need to be administered as well as understanding treatment plans.

Diabetes Awareness

This course discusses the different types of diabetes, the symptoms and the treatment options for diabetics. It also covers what to do if someone is having a hypo or hyperglycaemic attack and how to manage their condition.

Mental Health

This course covers the symptoms of a person suffering from a mental health disorder, some of the more common conditions, treatment options including medication and how to care for a person with mental health difficulties.


This course covers the different types of dementia, treatment options including medication as well as how to support the individual and their family.


Anaphylaxis Training

This course covers an understanding of anaphylaxis and how to deal with this should someone suffer a severe allergic reaction and also the administration of anaphylactic medication devices where prescribed.